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Community Service Update: Seed workshop

Bohemian Bounty teamed up with Edible San Marcos to host a seed starting workshop for the children who live at the C.M. Allen Housing Authority Neighborhood. The workshop began with leading questions to the young audience like, “What kind of vegetables to you like?” and “What kind of vegetable do you want to grow?” Furrow young brows looked at Audra and Suzi but by the end of the session, the kids were enthusiastically clutching their potted seeds. Like experts they were quickly lining up the number and variety of species planted and saying loudly to us -”I want to plant Kale.”

These kids probably never ate Kale before and we will let you know how popular it is after they taste it. Meanwhile, we are preparing for our next garden work day, April 4, 2009- fencing in the garden area for C.M. Allen. The garden will measure 30 feet deep by 60 feet long. It will be situated to the right of the K.A.D. (Kids Against Drugs) Store where the youth of the housing projects go to use computers, purchase snacks and meet for activities.

Edible San Marcos is still looking for donations for this project: fencing material, mulch, compost, organic garden products, seeds, and especially volunteers. Email

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Plants, Plants, Plants!

It’s that time of year! All sorts of plants are ready to go in the garden and we can stop worrying about one last freeze (I hope!) We picked up a huge load of fresh transplants (huge for us, anyway) from our greenhouse grower this week. If you’ve ever wondered how to safely transport 240 vegetable and herbs plants take a look at the pictures below. My trusty Subaru Forester and a home-made rack worked perfectly. Even the greenhouse’s cat climbed in to inspect it and wanted to come home with us.

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Poolside Bounty

Conversion of poolside cactus patch to veggies. We had fun surrounding this pool area with green veggies instead of prickly plants.

Watch the timelapse video we shot that day compressing 9 hours in to 1 minute 30 seconds.

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Quilter’s Garden Update

Late last fall we designed and installed a winter garden, Jen named the “Quilter’s Garden” due to the quilt-like pattern she created out of the 12′x12′ plot. We liked it so much we used the picture on our brochure and website. You can see the design here.

The new gardeners Lyn, Solange and their son Carter, have been tending it all winter and we stopped by for a visit this weekend. All we could say was “WOW!” It was beautiful and full of vegetables – lettuces, broccoli, Swiss chard, collard greens, spinach, sugar snap peas, carrots, cabbage, cilantro, garlic, oregano and strawberries. They have added a drip hose, a small fence to keep out rabbits and are working on an interior walkway. Carter is born gardener and he loves showing people “his” garden. And he eats everything that comes out of it!

As the lettuces and leafy greens stop producing they will be replaced by tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, squash and green beans. Take a look at the pictures and see what three new gardeners were able to grow.

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