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Austin Organic Vegetable and Herb Garden Design, Installation & Maintenance

Bohemian Bounty is no longer taking clients. We’ve had a wonderful time gardening with you but are taking time off for our family. You’ll still see us at organic events around Central Texas as we stay involved with the Texas Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association. Please check our archived blog entries for garden designs you can start using today!


Jennifer and James

Bohemian Bounty is dedicated to helping central Texas residents grow their own healthy, organic, and low cost food. As your guide in your home growing adventure, we provide you with an organic vegetable garden right outside your door, customized to your family’s size and dining choices. Gardens can be as small as 4×4 feet or big as you desire. No cookie-cutter gardens here. Each garden is as unique as the customer for which we build it.

We do the work, you enjoy the healthful harvest!

Consulting and Design
Bohemian Bounty will meet with you at your home to design a customized vegetable and herb garden. We’ll help you pick the perfect spot for the garden, test your soil and create a planting scheme that fits your lifestyle. This include recommended plant rotations for multiple growing seasons. Build it yourself or hire us for the install. View some recent designs here.

Adding compost to an installation

Adding compost to an installation

With your custom plan in-hand we can build your garden, add the proper organic soil amendments to get your veggies off to a great start and plant seeds and transplants. From day one you’ll have small plants growing and seeds waiting to sprout. Our plants and seeds are from certified organic growers.

Bohemian Bounty can help you tend your garden weekly throughout the growing season or just when you need a hand. Our on-site visits are hands-on learning in your garden.

Garden Rescues
Have a garden plot that needs help? Have weeds taken over? Are bugs eating more than you are? Bohemian Bounty can help. Call us for a garden rescue.

Gardens for Businesses
Organic gardens are great for businesses that wish to grow their own food or offer gardening as an employee benefit or wellness time. Make your landscaping work for you and give your food a story to tell.

Garden prices vary depending on garden size and on materials and services requested, but most gardens we design and install cost $300–$1,500 for the initial building phase. Designs alone run around $100 to $250 depending upon the size and complexity. Optional garden maintenance is available. Call or email for more information.

Gardening Classes
Bohemian Bounty offers classes in organic gardening, bed preparation, composting, cooking and canning.